EVO: Lesson 1 of 6 – Intersection Approach – Fire

  • Identify the primary goals of the Approach stage
  • Label highway travel lanes with corresponding numbers
  • List the intersection approach tasks in sequence and link them to appropriate distances
  • Select appropriate methods for maximizing vehicle control when approaching intersections
  • Recognize the risks associated with improper intersection negotiation

EVO: Lesson 2 of 6 – Intersection Assessment – Fire

  • Describe how the assessment stage and the approach stage work together in intersection analysis
  • Identify all the hazards and potential hazards in a given scenario
  • Categorize the hazards as potential or immediate and prioritize them according to their level of danger
  • Recognize the risks associated with each hazard

EVO: Lesson 3 of 6 – Basic Clearing – Fire

  • List basic steps for clearing an intersection
  • Select appropriate methods for clearing an intersection
  • Recognize the risks associated with improper intersection clearing

EVO: Lesson 4 of 6 – Advance Clearing – Fire

  • Recognize the additional hazards associated with clearing a congested intersection
  • Recognize the importance of slowing down and giving yourself additional time to recognize and respond to hazards
  • List the steps for safely clearing a congested intersection
  • Know the methods for clearing an intersection when lanes are blocked
  • Identify the most common mistakes made when clearing a congested intersection

EVO: Lesson 5 of 6 – Intersection Departure – Fire

  • List the steps for safely departing an intersection
  • Recognizing the common hazards you might encounter during the departure stage
  • Recall all steps and key concepts in the EVO Intersection Analysis process

EVO: Lesson 6 of 6 – Attention and Distraction – Fire

  • Recognize negative effects of looking away from the road for more than two seconds
  • Practice strategies for eliminating controllable, internal distractions
  • Make necessary adjustments for minimizing outside distractions